The Value of a NAWIC Membership

NAWIC Triangle Chapter of NC is a place to advocate for women in construction. Whether you are new to the industry and want to be exposed to different brands and faces, or you want to raise your company’s brand awareness, NAWIC is the perfect place to learn and a great organization to be involved in.


NAWIC membership means opportunities for:

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Networking and Brand Awareness
  • Industry Certification Classes
  • Establishing a Support Base & Becoming a Mentor/Mentee
  • Leadership Training
  • Making a Difference in Your Community
  • Investing in Great Friendships
  • Continuing Education
  • Women-centric Discussions
  • Participation in Events such as Tours, Tutorials, Forums & more!


To join or learn more, email us at [email protected].


(This link will take you to the NAWIC national site, but we will be your local chapter.)

Questions about your membership?


Member Benefits

Professional Development

Our monthly membership meetings feature networking with other women in the industry, professional development workshops, and leadership opportunities.

Other Member Benefits include:

  • Mentor Program

  • Industry Certification Classes

  • NAWIC Leadership Training Series

In addition, all NAWIC  chapters have their own Board of Directors elected annually by the membership.  Every active member has the opportunity to serve if they choose.    It’s a great way to grow your leadership skills and be a part of a sisterhood of purpose.

Business Opportunity

Various business opportunities are available through NAWIC on a local, regional and national level.  Whether you own your own business or work for a company, there are many ways to promote your services:

  • Industry Networking

  • Employee recruitment

  • Marketing opportunities for your company

  • Tradeshow & Expo opportunities at Regional and National conferences

  • Discounts on goods and services

  • Chapter Sponsorships

  • Raffle Sponsorships

Community & Industry Outreach

On a local level, the NAWIC Triangle Chapter of NC is very involved in community and industry outreach programs.  The NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF) offers K-12 competitions that inspire our youth by promoting careers in the construction industry:

  • Block Kids  

We are out there!

  • Industry Networking Events

  • Partnerships with other industry associations.

Employer Benefits

Your employer has basic needs which must be met for your business to remain competitive. They must have dedicated, multi-skilled employees, increased productivity and company recognition. As the premier association for women working in the construction industry, NAWIC helps to meet that need.

  • Developing and promoting industry values and culture

  • Offering exposure to new skills and technology updates

  • Promoting professional certifications, coaching and mentoring

  • Generating publicity through community service projects

  • Building a strong industry by promoting NEF K-12 programs to the future work force​

  • NAWIC Build Leaders.